Designer bag brand Kwani goes global
Published : Oct 2, 2015 - 10:54
Updated : Oct 2, 2015 - 10:54

Korean designer bag brand Kwani (, which presents over 45 different bags and accessories, has gained popularity overseas without additional marketing.

 Kwani CEO Son Kyung-wan said she believes the products have been well received due to quality, price and design, as well as positive social media reviews from customers.

“Every customer in the world prefers sophistication and comfort. So Kwani has made it a rule of thumb to produce light and sophisticated bags at reasonable prices,” she said.

Screenshot of the Kwani website.

Kwani is also growing in popularity overseas including in China and the United States, and to better serve foreign customers, Kwani has opened a multilingual online shop through Cafe24’s Global Service ( and recently opened a boutique shop near Gyengbokgung Palace in central Seoul.

Kwani’s flagship line The Hornet, in particular, has had its design patents registered in Korea, China and the European Union, and filed pending approval in over 30 countries.

Hornet items have a rectangular flap cover and a hole in the middle for easier access to belongings.

Son said that they plan to debut internationally by the end of the year and also expand stores in Korea.

“In order for steady global success, we must first be trusted and loved by people in our own nation,” she said.

By Sang Youn-joo (