What are Korea's worst part-time jobs in summer?
Published : Jul 23, 2015 - 15:24
Updated : Jul 23, 2015 - 15:27

While summer is a time for many to head to the beach or the mountains to cool off, it is also a time dreaded by some part-timers as their job difficulties multiply under the scorching heat.

Albamon, one of the nation’s biggest job-searching sites, released on Thursday a survey of 797 temporary workers on what they think are the best and worst part-time jobs in summer.


The worst summer part-time job, chosen by 42 percent of the respondents, was dressing up like a character to entertain passers-by or hand out flyers. 

Thick furry costumes and masks that completely cover their body and face was the obvious reason behind the highest reluctance to take on as a summer job.

Next was paving roads with asphalt with 19.1 percent, followed by cleaning exterior walls of buildings at 8.7 percent and maintaining charcoal fire at barbecue restaurants at 8.2 percent. Working at parking lots for shopping malls was also picked as one of the worst jobs at 5 percent.

Some 26 percent said their job stress doubles due to increasing complaints from customers frustrated by humidity and heat.

Weather played a major part in the list of best jobs as well, with workplaces with good air-conditioning topping the list.

Working in offices was chosen as the best summer job at 22.2 percent, followed by working at book and DVD shops at 18.1 percent, privately tutoring students at 14.7 percent and working in theaters at 14.2 percent.

Half of the respondents, however, said that they could put up with demanding summertime jobs as long as the payday comes, the survey said.

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