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Park Hae-jin, Ma Dong-suk go ‘manly adorable’

Oct. 5, 2014 - 14:00 By Chung Joo-won
Photos of Park Hae-jin and Ma Dong-suk, two of the five lead actors of OCN’s new television action series “Bad Guys,” were released on Sunday.

The photos showed Park and Ma leaning on each other’s shoulders while taking a short break between the scenes. 

Actors Ma Dong-suk(top left) and Park Hae-jin (top right) take a break between the scenes for OCN's new television series "Bad Guys." (CJ E&M)

The action drama portrays the alliance of two police officers and three outlaws who team up in a plea bargain to take eye-for-an-eye revenge against atrocious criminals. Park and Ma play psychopathic chain killer Lee Jung-moon and former bootlegger Park Woong-cheol, respectively.

With the drama’s launch on Saturday, a series of “Ma-cut photos” also went viral. The photos show a muscular Ma posing with adorable animals such as a kitten and chicks in the mise-en-scenes of his earlier films “Banchanggo” and “Norigae.” 

Actor Ma Dong-suk palys with a kitten between the scenes for film "Norigae." (Ma Dong-suk's Twitter)
Actor Ma Dong-suk palys with the chicks between the scenes for film "Banchanggo." (Ma Dong-suk's Twitter)