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GPS-guided bombs for South Korean fighters to be built in U.S.

Dec. 16, 2013 - 14:53 By KH디지털2

South Korea selected two U.S. companies -- Boeing and Kaman Aerospace Corporation -- to jointly produce air-to-ground bombs guided by the global positioning system (GPS) for its fighter jets, the state arms procurement agency said Monday.

The Defense Acquisition Program Administration (DAPA) opened the bid in July to equip F-15Ks and KF-16s with the smart bombs capable of launching precision attacks against North Korea's artillery bases or hidden targets using the GPS system.

The precision-guided bombs will be composed of wings made by U.S. aerospace giant Boeing, and a detonator and explosives by Connecticut-based Kaman Aerospace, the DAPA said.

"The GPS-guided bomb will allow the Air Force to carry out precision attacks day and night, and enhance its joint strike capabilities," the DAPA said in a release. It did not disclose the number and firing range of the bomb. (Yonhap news)