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Park Ji-yoon’s ‘Mr. Lee’ conquers music charts

Oct. 22, 2013 - 18:58 By Korea Herald
Album cover of Park Ji-yoon’s “Mr.” (Mystic 89)
Veteran singer Park Ji-yoon’s newly released “Mr. Lee” has pushed aside tracks by IU and Busker Busker to rank No. 1 on eight major music charts including Olleh, Daum, Bugs and Naver. The track ranked No. 2 on Melon and Cyworld.

“Mr. Lee” is a track off the EP “Mr.” which was released online Monday.

Park also held a showcase commemorating her comeback on Monday where she performed her song for the first time.

The track was composed by hip-hop artist Primary and features rapper San E.

Considering the track beat hit songs by Busker Busker, IU and K.will in the charts, this marks a good start to the singer’s new beginning at Yoon Jong-shin’s agency Mystic 89, which she joined earlier this year.

Park originally started as a dance artist at JYP Entertainment, but left the agency due to artistic differences. She began to expand her musical horizon with more folk and acoustic sounds, showcased in albums “Flowers, Again for the First Time” in 2009 and “Tree of Life” in 2012.

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