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Seoul call center staff go on strike

Aug. 28, 2013 - 20:32 By Lee Hyun-jeong
The labor union of Seoul City’s public service call center escalated their strike action Wednesday demanding a wage increase and improved job status.

About 150 unionized workers at the 120 Dasan Call Center staged a four-hour partial walkout in the morning following a one-hour halt in operations Monday. They plan to go on a general strike Friday if their demands are not met.

The center is run by a consortium of three private agencies on behalf of the city government. More than 450 contract workers respond to inquires from citizens.

The 270-strong union calls for a 4 percent rise in wage, additional paid leaves, 100,000 won in holiday bonus, and a change of status to full-time employees directly hired by the Seoul City.

Negotiations broke down on Monday as the agencies offered a pay increase of only 1.9 percent and 30,000 won in extra bonuses.

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