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Samsung to launch curved OLED TV in Europe

Aug. 27, 2013 - 20:14 By Korea Herald
Samsung Electronics Co., the world’s largest flat-screen TV maker, said Tuesday that it plans to roll out its first 55-inch curved OLED TV with full HD capabilities in Europe with a price tag of 7,999 euros.

In June, Samsung introduced the TV set on its home turf, joining the race for the next-generation TV market. Early this month, Samsung also rolled out the TV in the U.S.

Samsung said the TV set will hit the shelves in Germany on Wednesday, and be released in France, Austria, the Netherlands, Italy and other European nations down the road.

The super-thin curved display is designed to help eliminate problems associated with the traditional flat-screen displays, where images are stretched to match the screen dimension and may become distorted in the process.

The curved display also provides a more life-like experience when watching video contents such as movies and shows. (Yonhap News)