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Jang Keun-suk to launch ZIKZIN FESTIVAL in Japan

July 30, 2013 - 20:25 By Korea Herald
Poster for ZIKZIN FESTIVAL (Tree J Company)
Hallyu star Jang Keun-suk is launching the ZIKZIN FESTIVAL, a unique expo that revolves entirely around Jang, from Aug. 3 to Aug. 4 in Osaka and Aug. 24 to Aug. 25 in Tokyo.

ZIKZIN is a company that Jang launched. In March the singer-actor successfully opened ZIKZIN’s first cafe, ZIKZIN CAFE & DINING, in Tokyo.

The festival will include Jang and his project group Team-H’s energetic performance as well as various programs and events.

ZIKZIN FESTIVAL is unique because it is organized like a theme park wholly dedicated to promoting Jang, complete with ZIKZIN Town and ZIKZIN Street. There is also ZIKZIN Shop, a food court, a movie theater, a post office, a clothing shop, a photo studio and many other attractions.

On Aug. 4, in celebration of Jang’s 25th birthday, 57 theaters around Japan will provide live streaming of the ZIKZIN FESTIVAL with a total of 15,000 fans participating.

Jang recently turned heads when he installed a self-promotion billboard in Gimpo International Airport to welcome foreign fans earlier this month.

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