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Singer Rain to walk with citizens in military event

Jan. 18, 2013 - 15:44 By 양승진

 Singer Rain will break his silence and appear at a military event over the weekend as he seeks to restore his tarnished image after being disciplined for dating a top TV actress during service, military officials said Friday.

   The singer, whose real name is Jung Ji-hoon, was grounded in his unit earlier this month as punishment for dating actress Kim Tae-hee during military service. The 31-year old now serves in a media broadcast unit, which promotes the military, in order to fulfill his mandatory military duty, required for all able-bodied South Korean men.  

   As the one-week probation period ended on Tuesday, Jung's unit decided to send him to a military event hosted by the Capital Defense Command (CDC), as he regretted his misconduct and is ready to fulfill his duty, officials said.

   "Jung has had enough time to contemplate his violation of the service rule," an official at the Capital Defense Command said. "He will show his new image by participating in the security awareness event along with Seoul citizens."

   On Saturday, Jung will walk a 5-kilometer route near the presidential office with other soldiers and Seoul citizens to commemorate an assassination attempt by North Korean commandos against late President Park Chung-hee, the father of incoming President Park Geun-hye.

   Thirty-one North Korean soldiers infiltrated the capital city on Jan. 21, 1968 to attack Park's residence, but their attempt ended in failure, leaving 26 killed and 66 wounded. The CDC said the event is aimed at raising security awareness among public. (Yonhap News)