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Ko Hyeon-jeong says hosting own show not a cakewalk

March 28, 2012 - 18:05 By Korea Herald
Actress’ stint as MC for new SBS talk show ‘not easy’

The overriding question overshadowing veteran actress Ko Hyeon-jeong’s new SBS talk show ― whose title “GO Show” takes its cue from her last name ― is whether or not this accomplished thespian has the verve, the wit and the quick-thinking ability to helm her own program.

If the highlight reel that ran at the show’s press conference in Mokdong, Seoul Wednesday is an indication of Ko’s potential as an MC, then the answer is, “Yes.”

Having already showcased her ability to throw out blunt, cathartic statements when she made a guest appearance in MBC’s “Knee Guru” (when Kang Ho-dong was hosting), she appears to have translated that refreshing talent for sharp commentary into her upcoming show.

Ko has proven her mettle in the realm of television dramas, most recently wowing with her compelling performances as femme fatale Mishil in MBC’s “The Great Queen Seondeok” and as presidential hopeful Seo Hye-rim in SBS’ “Dae Mul.”

Having entered into the world of publishing with a tell-all beauty secret book, Ko continues to prove her fearlessness for traversing new territory with her latest stint as the main MC for “GO Show.” 
Main host-and-actress Ko Hyeon-jeong strikes a pose for the press at the press conference for SBS’ “GO Show” in Mokdong, Seoul on Wednesday (SBS)

“I became an MC because I wanted to,” Ko, 41, quipped at the press event. “I want to meet a lot of people and hear their stories. I have always wanted to do that and SBS gave me that opportunity.

Of filming the first episode, Ko said, half in jest, “I thought that dramas and films were hard. But then I found myself thinking, ‘What is this? Did I make the wrong decision?’”

“After filming the first episode, I realized that no job is easy.”

Given her reputation for saying what is on her mind (one that has won the actress many fans), concerns might arise as to how her work as show host affects the impressive image of flawless elegance and sophistication she has gained over the years.

Ko seems to harbor little anxiety over how her public image might change, saying, “I think I can afford to put a small dent in my image and have some fun.”

The diva-extraordinaire is not going it alone. Backing her up are co-hosts “Superstar K2” and “3” judge Yoon Jong-shin, “Strong Heart” comedian Kim Young-chul and “Infinite Challenge” comedian Jeong Hyeong-don.

“I did this show because I was curious about Ko Hyeon-jeong,” said co-host Yoon. “When would I get the opportunity to do a talk show with Ko Hyeon-jeong? I want to go down in history as the guy who did a talk show with Ko Hyeon-jeong.”

Drawing inspiration from the recent spate of reality audition programs, “GO Show” invites celebrity guests to “audition” for a virtual film role in front of casting judges (in actuality the hosts).

Up first are Ko’s onetime co-stars Zo In-sung and Chun Jung-myung, along with one-half of rap duo LeeSSang, Gill.

Of future guests she would like to invite to her show, Ko said: “I want to see lots of idols.”

It looks like Ko’s wish will come true. Boy band Big Bang is slated to guest star on “GO Show” with a tentative recording date set somewhere in early April.

Of Big Bang, Ko said, “I am excited to meet them and hope to hear their music should they make a guest appearance.”

Given the high profile guests opening the show with Ko, it looks like the “GO Show” might be a surefire viewer ratings success.

However, not only is the talk show television market saturated to its gills (one can tune into one pretty much any given day), “GO Show” is slated to air on Friday nights on SBS at 11:05 p.m., putting it up against Mnet’s prime reality show timeslot and also against the go-out and party crowd.

“If you have a dinner appointment, you should go,” said Ko in earnest before following it up with, “I hope many people tune into my show.”

“GO Show” starts airing April 6.

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