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Philips releases affordable AED

Feb. 9, 2012 - 19:40 By Korea Herald
Philips Healthcare said Thursday that it has started the sales of an affordable version of its automated external defibrillator online early this month.

AEDs are portable devices that monitor heart rhythm and send an electric shock to restore a normal rhythm in emergencies such as sudden cardiac arrest.

The Philips Heart Start HS1 weighs about 1 kilogram but takes only 8.4 seconds from analysis of the patient condition to electric shock, the company said.

“About 60 percent of sudden cardiac arrests take place at home but due to AEDs being priced at around 3 million won ($2,700), most families cannot afford the life-saving device. The Heart Start HS1 is around 1 million won,” the company said.

The device is available at GS Shop, InterPark, and AED Shop.