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Navy appoints first female commanders of high-speed boats

Jan. 16, 2012 - 19:20 By Korea Herald
The Navy has appointed its first two female officers to command fast attack craft, as it looks to expand female presence on vessels in operation, officials said Monday.

“We’ve finalized a plan to name female captains to command our Chamsuri boat patrolling the South Sea,” a high-ranking military source said, referring to a 150-ton patrol vessel.

“Last Thursday, we named two female officers on a trial basis.”

According to the source, Adm. Choi Yun-hee, the Chief of Naval Operations, briefed Defense Minister Kim Kwan-jin on this plan last week.

The two officers are Cpt. Hong Yu-jin, 34, and Cpt. Ahn Hyo-ju, 31. They will command Chamsuri-type vessels from the Navy’s Jinhae Base, about 410 kilometers south of Seoul, in patrolling waters off Jinhae Port.

Hong, whose husband, Jeong Min-jae, is a Navy lieutenant commander, joined the Navy in 2002. Ahn, married to a Navy captain, in 2003 became the first female officer to graduate from the Korea Naval Academy.

“Being the first brings a lot of pressure,” Ahn said. “But I will try to blaze a trail for many young female officers to follow.”

In the long term, the Navy plans to appoint female officers to command larger vessels also, a Navy official said.

“It’s a significant development to give female officers the opportunity to command a high-speed patrol ship,” the official said. “Such experience will give them new perspectives on leadership and help them develop skills to manage crises and contingencies.”

There are about 190 female officers in the Navy’s combat duties, according to the Navy. 

(Yonhap News)