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Students raise scholarship fund to honor professor

Oct. 10, 2011 - 15:37 By
Students of a late mechanical engineering professor of Sungkyunkwan University have raised a scholarship fund in his honor, the school said Monday.

Named after professor Kim Young-jin, Y.J. Kim Century Club has been set up by 100 of his students, colleagues and mother. Kim died of liver cancer on Sept. 29.

Kim’s fifth student, professor Choi Jae-boong of mechanical engineering department, said the late professor had wished to create a scholarship fund after retirement.

Although Kim didn’t make it to his retirement, his wish was realized by his students who stayed very close to one another despite a wide age gap from 29 to 53. One of his students working as professor in the United States flew to Korea right after learning of Kim’s death.

The late professor was an authority on nuclear reactor safety evaluation. He had served as a professor at Sunkyunkwan University since 1985 and held major positions outside and inside school, including being a member of the governmental special committee on nuclear safety, vice president of Korean Society of Pressure Vessel and Piping and vice president of Sungkyunkwan University, according to the school.

He acquired a Ph.D in mechanical engineering at the University of Manitoba and masters at Seoul National University.

Kim was diagnosed with cancer two years ago, but continued to teach until the fall semester this year. He then was hospitalized suddenly due to his deteriorating health.

Kim celebrated his 100th student’s graduation in August from his hospital bed.
“Kim was very happy and said 100 can change the world,” Choi recalled.

“While serving several posts, Kim always took care of his students and given advice to them. Kim also played an important role in attracting research centers to school and helped graduate students receive benefits regarding research opportunities,” Choi said.

On his memorial page on Facebook, students have posted messages and photos in memory of Kim.

The group of Kim’s students will meet to discuss how to run the scholarship and plans to present it next year.

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