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SLS head reveals credit trail in graft claims

Oct. 2, 2011 - 18:05 By
SLS Chairman Lee Kook-chul on Saturday disclosed a record of corporate credit card use amounting to 100 million won ($84,745), which he claims was racked up by former Vice Culture Minister Shin Jae-min.

The revelation comes after Shin consistently denied receiving more than 1 billion won from the businessman in exchange for business opportunities and favors.

According to Lee, Shin used the company’s card 250 times between June 2008 and September 2009, mostly at department stores, hotels and high-end restaurants.

Lee alleged that Shin bought gifts to impress others, including Hyundai Department Store vouchers worth 20 million won three days before the Lunar New Year’s Day.

Lee also disclosed a photograph of a leased SUV vehicle he had offered to Shin earlier this year. Lee alleged Shin had taken a total of 1 billion won in cash, vouchers and vehicles since 2002.

Lee, however, did not disclose any credit card receipts bearing Shin’s signature, raising suspicion over whether Shin had actually used it.

Shin has claimed that Lee is seeking to harm him over a minor grudge.

Lee said he will hand over credit card records, car lease records and voucher receipts to prosecutors for verification when he is interrogated Monday.

Lee is expected to reveal irregularities of one of the closest aides of President Lee Myung-bak during Monday’s questioning.

Former Vice Minister of Knowledge Economy Park Young-joon is suspected of having received dinner and entertainment worth 5 million won from an SLS executive during a business trip to Japan while working at the Prime Minister’s Office last year.

Lee said he has secured a photograph of the executive with Park after the wining and dining event.

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