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Hong Gil-dong 2084 (Korea), Opening Aug. 18

Aug. 5, 2011 - 18:29 By

Hong Gil-dong 2084 (Korea)

Opening Aug. 18

Animation. Directed by Lee Jeong-in. In 2084, a young man named Hong Gil-dong lives with a little boy named Cheol alone near a city named Yuldo. Gil-dong was abandoned by his older brother Il-dong as a child, and had to live on his own ever since. One day, Gil-dong happens to save the life of Ha-ryeong, a beautiful female warrior who was in danger in the forest. Through Ha-ryeong, Gil-dong discovers the city of Yuldo is about to be attacked by Il-dong and his monstrous followers. Gil-dong makes his way to Yuldo with Cheol and his three other friends, to save the city from his evil brother. Inspired by Korea’s traditional “Tale of Hong Gil-dong,” written in the Joseon Dynasty, this animated film takes place in the future and is expected to give its own interpretation of the original text.