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SKT sets up new social enterprise in Seoul

July 21, 2011 - 19:16 By Cho Ji-hyun
SK Telecom said Thursday it established a social enterprise called Happy ICT Foundation in southwestern Seoul, together with another social enterprise affiliated with the group.

The new social enterprise will support the information technology infrastructure of other social enterprises that require assistance.

Affordable IT service solutions and consulting services will be provided and shared with such companies to strengthen their competitiveness, according to SKT officials.

Internship opportunities will also be given to unprivileged people to help them get jobs, said officials.

“We decided to construct the Happy ICT Foundation to serve as a means to spread the information communication technology services to the public,” said an SKT official. “We will strive to provide stable jobs to those who need assistance and get social enterprise authorization from the government in the future.”

By Cho Ji-hyun (