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Come Together

June 28, 2011 - 19:02 By Paul Kerry
This is a series introducing associations and clubs that expats can get involved in. This week, Expat Living spoke to Maria Lisak of Gwangju Artist Collective ― Ed.

•Name of Club: Gwangju Artist Collective

•Location: Gwangju

•Number of members: 101

•Started: 2009

Who is it for?

Gwangju Artist Collective is a multicultural artist community for Gwangju and Jeolla. Originating in 2009 from a Global Village Project which created both GAIA Gallery (now called GIC Gallery) the artist collective, the GAC has created a sustainable space for artists of many countries to share their art and their love of art in the Gwangju community.

GAC has three types of members: peer artists, art lovers and web members. The peer artist group gives a chance for artists to exhibit and cooperate with other artists, sharing information and critiques. An application portfolio is required. Art lovers are members who support GAC with an annual donation that helps to set up opportunities for art lectures, art exploration workshops and gallery tours.

Web members join for free through Facebook; this online group provides Gwangju art information to members and helps connect GAC participants even if they have moved outside of Gwangju.

What goes on?

In 2011 GAC has offered several workshops. In spring the Rabbit Workshop gathered artists to explore the theme of rabbits in culture. Currently we are holding basic drawing and color workshops.

In addition to workshops, GAC hosts a free open studio night. This is an opportunity for artists and budding artists to get together and practice.

We have gallery tours once a month, usually on Thursday evenings to coincide with the gallery openings around the city. We visit several galleries and socialize with the artists during and after the event.

Group exhibitions are usually held twice a year. Last year “My Life in Gwangju” and “A Cultural Experience in Gwangju” were held at GIC Gallery and the Asia Culture Forum. This year November will be GAC’s first group exhibit.

GAC supports its members by connecting people and sharing information about Gwangju art opportunities. We also help with individual exhibitions, curating assistance and promotion.

Plans for the future?

Fall will provide a chance for artists to review and put together their portfolios in a portfolio workshop. There are currently discussions on creating an art and humor workshop for 2011 as well.

In November we will hold a group exhibition.

How to join:

You can join us through our Facebook group ― Gwangju Artist Collective. For email, please contact

Are there any membership fees?

Peer artist group: 50,000 won, art lover group: 30,000 won, Web member ― free.

What is the highlight of the year?

Group exhibits. This year we will have our first group exhibition in November.