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GNP leader proposes forming inter-Korean body on natural disasters

April 4, 2011 - 19:02 By 김경호
The chief of the ruling Grand National Party proposed Monday that South and North Korea establish a joint body to conduct research together and share information on natural disasters on the peninsula.

The suggestion from GNP leader Ahn Sang-soo came as the two Koreas launched civilian-level talks last week on a potential volcanic eruption at the North’s Mount Paekdu. The second round of volcano talks is expected to be held as early as late this week.

“To deal with natural disasters in the North and exchange information on artificial calamities and climate change, (I) suggest setting up a disaster management commission,” Ahn said in a parliamentary address.

Ahn called for not only civilian experts, but also government authorities to attend.

Regarding the nuclear accident at Japan’s quake-hit atomic power plant in Fukushima, Ahn urged the government to make public all information on radiation and conduct safety inspections on nuclear facilities in the nation.

South Korea currently operates 21 reactors that produce over one-third of the country’s power output.

Ahn also vowed to make all-out efforts to resolve economic difficulties suffered particularly by working-class people due to a rapid recent surge in commodity prices.

The GNP leader specifically suggested such measures as lowering oil prices, correcting unfair business practices and cutting tariffs on foreign goods. 

(Yonhap News)