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Disgraced clone scientist Hwang wins research project from Libya

Feb. 27, 2011 - 20:06 By 양승진

  A disgraced South Korean clone scientist has won a research project from Libya amid growing unrest in the North African nation, colleagues at his research lab here said Sunday.

   Under the 150-billion won ($133 million) project with the Libyan government, Hwang Woo-suk will conduct stem cell-related research activities for incurable diseases, according to Hwang's Sooam Bioengineering Research Institute.

   Hwang has received 600,000 euros for a retainer, the research institute said, adding that the scientist has visited Libya about 10 times since 2004 on the contract.

   Hwang is famous for his high-profile experiments in the field of stem cell research. But his reputation took a beating after his purported breakthroughs in stem cell research were found to be fake in 2005.  

   The scientist was indicted on multiple charges, including fraud and embezzlement, over his fake research. In December last year, an appellate court in Seoul upheld a lower court's ruling and sentenced the 57-year-old scientist to a suspended prison term.

   Hwang, meanwhile, was among 198 South Koreans evacuated from Libya on a charter flight to Cairo on Friday.
(Yonhap News)