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Costumes and close-ups

Jan. 24, 2011 - 11:49 By 문예빈

Super Junior wow the fans with drag turns, hilarious mimicry and hit after hit after hit 

Super Junior's "Super Show 3" at Impact Arena on Saturday was proof that the Korean boy band hasn't let its high standards slip in the least. 

That concert and the follow-up on Sunday were among 16 on the group's third Asian tour, covering 13 countries.

Now down to "just" 10 members following the departures of Han Geng, Kibum and Kangin, Junior nevertheless made a good impression on most of the fans packed into the arena.

Leeteuk, Heechul, Yesung, Shindong, Sungmin, Eunhyuk, Donghae, Siwon, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun are as childishly cute as ever, making fun of each other - and hugging and kissing each other. The fans, mostly girls, loved every minute, and the screaming never stopped.

You'd scream too if you got that close to your idol. The stage extended like a catwalk around the hall, with four sections bringing the boys deliriously near to the swooning young ladies.

In the centre, virtually ignored by all but the fans in the back, was a giant, moving LED screen.

All 10 singers in white suits opened the concert with a string of hits - "Sorry Sorry", "Super Girl", "Don't Don", "No Other" and "Rokkugo".

With the crowd lathered up nicely, Ryeo Wook took the first solo turn, playing acoustic guitar and singing "One Fine Spring Day" from their fourth album, "Bonamana".

Kyuhyun appeared in a black suit to perform "New Endless Love", and then Sungmin, in a sleeveless black T-shirt, chose to bop around the stage with four female dancers rather than sing.

Siwon wore an ordinary white T-shirt and ragged, faded blue jeans while offering a variation of his English song "Looking for the Day".

Eunhyuk and Donghae did a duet on "I Wanna Love You" while pretending to fight over a girl. Eunhyuk ripped his T-shirt off, and the tactic worked so well that Donghae did it too.

Finally, at the piano, there was Henry from Super Junior-M, the group's China-aimed farm team. Henry played a bit and then danced to Justin Bieber's "Baby".

After a quick screening of a comedy movie starring the boys, six of them returned to the stage in sparkling suits of varying colours for "Tok Tok Tok", a lively play on Korean folk music.

Off came the jackets for the song "You and I", during which they joshed about, climbing on one another's backs and basically sexually harassing each other.

Heechul drew loud laughter with an imitation of Lady Gaga, in blonde wig with a big bow, black dress and red heels, singing "Poker Face".

Then Eun Hyuk, Shindong and Dong Hae also showed up in dresses and wigs to do Beyonce's "Single Ladies" and "Crazy in Love". It was genuinely hilarious.

In a heart-warming video-live stage link, Kangin took turns with the other guys as they all demonstrated their instrumental abilities on "Lascia Ch'io Pianga", an aria from Handel's opera "Rinaldo".

Then it was back to dance tunes with "Bonamana", "A Man in Love", "U" and "Dancing Out".

And more comedy: the SJ boys reappeared dressed as fruit and vegetables for the track "Cooking? Cooking!" before really taking off on "Way for Love".

They finished up the three-hour show together with "You Are the One" and "Wonder Boy", and finally tossing water at each other.

(The Nation, a member of ANN)

<한글 요약>

남성 아이돌 슈퍼쥬니어(Super Junior)가 태국의 수도 방콕에서 개최된 세 번째 아시아 투어 "Super Show 3"에서 팬들의 뜨거운 열기를 실감한 채 공연을 무사히 마쳤다.

지난 15일부터 이틀간 방콕 무앙통 타니에 위치한 임팩트 아레나(Impact Arena)에서, 히트곡인 쏘리쏘리(Sorry, Sorry), 슈퍼걸(Super Girl), 돈 돈(Don't Don), 너 같은 사람 또 없어, 로꾸거 등으로 콘서트의 화려한 시작을 예고한 슈퍼주니어는 수많은 소녀팬들을 열광시켰다. 여기에 떠나 갈 듯한 경기장 내의 환호성은 태국 내의 수퍼쥬니어 인기를 여실히 드러냈다.

그룹 리더인 희철은 금발의 가발을 뒤집어 쓴 채 레이디 가가로 변장해 
그녀의 히트곡인 '포커 페이스 (Poker Face)'를 열창해 많은 팬들의 웃음과 환호를 자아냈다. 이에 맞서 가발과 여성 드레스를 입고 무대에 등장한 은혁, 신동, 동해는 비욘세의 히트곡인 'Single Ladies'와 'Crazy in Love'를 열창해 공연장을 더욱 뜨겁게 달구었다. 려욱, 규혁, 시원, 은혁, 성민도 팬들의 환호에 보답하는 퍼포먼스를 선보였다.

슈퍼주니어의 미니 앨범 히트곡인 '요리왕(Cooking? Cooking!)'을 열창하기 위해 각종 과일과 야채 분장을 뒤집어 쓴 채 곡을 열창하는 슈퍼주니어의 모습도 팬들을 매료시키기에 충분했다. 그 외에 슈퍼주니어가 출연한 코미디 영화도 팬들의 시선을 사로잡았다.

아시아 전역을 돌며 투어중인 슈퍼주니어는 22일 대만, 25일, 26일 일본 도쿄, 29일, 30일 싱가포르를 순회하며 현지 무대를 선보일 예정이다.