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'British beggar earns 43 million won a year'

Sept. 5, 2010 - 09:24 By

A  British beggar 'earned' up to £23,400 (43 million won) a year while also claiming benefits, according to news reports.

Daniel Terry, 31, said his £80 (150,000 won) -a-week state handouts were 'not enough to get by on,' Daily Mail reported.

He used a scruffy sleeping bag and a blanket to dupe passers-by into believing he was 'homeless and helpless' as he begged for cash on his patch at a revitalised city waterfront, a court heard.

But despite facing a maximum fine of £1,000 after admitting an offence of begging, Terry walked free from court with a £100 fine (181,500 won) and an order to pay £40 in costs and a victims surcharge - to the outrage of campaigners.

Terry was arrested last month after police in the cathedral city of Lincoln launched a crackdown on vagrancy following a survey revealed many beggars were making the equivalent of a £20,000-a-year salary when they were not even homeless. (From news reports)