No. of Japanese visitors to Korea jumps more than 28% in 2018

By Yonhap
Published : Jan. 26, 2019 - 10:44
The number of Japanese visitors to South Korea increased at the fastest rate in nine years in 2018, while the number of South Koreans to Japan reached a record high, data released Saturday showed.

    According to the data from Statistics Korea, the number of Japanese visitors to the country spiked 28.1 percent on-year to more than 2.92 million in 2018.


Myeongdong bustles with tourists during the 2019 Korea Grand Sale. (Yonhap)

    The rate marks the highest since 2009, when the number gained 28.7 percent from a year before.

    The rise in the number of South Korean visitors to Japan, on the other hand, slowed from a year earlier, according to related data from the Japanese National Tourism Organization.

    The number of South Korean visitors to Japan came to about 7.53 million in 2018, up 5.6 percent on-year.

    Still, the number marks the highest since Japan began releasing such data in 2003. (Yonhap)


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