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Zyx Technology launches CAD application program Works globally

July 10, 2024 - 18:01 By Park Se-ra
Works (Zyx Technology)

South Korean design software developer Zyx Technology has globally launched its proprietary computer-aided design (CAD) application program, Works.

Works offers approximately 270 utility functions tailored to various industries utilizing CAD. CAD is a computer program that generates two- or three-dimensional graphic representation. It is employed in various fields, such as computer animation, industrial, civil and architecture design.

Notable features offered by Works are the multiplot feature, which enables printing multiple drawings simultaneously, and drawing division, which separates forms and saves them into .DWG files.

The company said that it is also developing algorithms to calculate and draw data for coordinates, layers, blocks and dimensions, planning to introduce over 300 functions in the future.

Works also supports specific industry design tasks, including the CIVIL function for civil engineering, which does tasks such as architectural design assistance, which calculates building height restrictions to ensure sunlight exposure.

While Works has been freely available to users of ZyxCAD, a domestic CAD program developed and launched by the Zyx Technology, and AutoCAD, the company plans to introduce paid services with this global launch. CAD users can purchase Works at a 70 percent discount through the official website until the end of this year.

“We are realizing our vision from two years ago when we first launched ZyxCAD. Our aim was to use ZyxCAD as an open platform to develop various application programs. The global launch of Works is the first step towards establishing ZyxCAD as a global service,” said Zyx Technology CEO Choi Jong-bok. “The demand for alternative CAD solutions is rising both domestically and internationally, and ZyxCAD aims to be at the forefront of this movement."

Meanwhile, Zyx Technology will participate in Automation World Vietnam 2024, a Smart Factory & Automation Industry Exhibition, in September. At this event, they will showcase ZyxCAD, Works and the AI-based Zyx Designer.