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Celltrion's Remsima SC makes Brazil debut

May 22, 2023 - 16:37 By Shim Woo-hyun

Celltrion's Remsima SC (Celltrion)

Celltrion Healthcare, Celltrion’s overseas sales and marketing unit, announced Monday that the company has launched its Remsima SC in Brazil, the largest pharmaceutical market in South America.

Remsima SC is Celltrion’s under-the-skin injection of infliximab biosimilar. In Brazil, the infliximab biosimilar received sales approval from the Brazilian Health Regulatory Agency in November.

Celltrion Healthcare will be in charge of direct sales of the infliximab biosimilar in Brazil through its own sales office in the country. Celltrion Healthcare said it recently increased the number of staff members at its Brazil office to 30 to improve its marketing capability.

Celltrion Healthcare is currently selling Remsima and Truxima, which secured 84 percent and 70 percent shares in their respective markets in Brazil.

Celltrion said it plans to increase sales of Remsima SC in Brazil first, which accounts for more than half of the South American pharmaceutical market. The company expects sales of Remsima SC will increase as existing patients using Remsima could switch to Remsima SC.

In Europe, many patients using Remsima chose Remsima SC as their preferred type of maintenance therapy, Celltrion said.

While increasing its share in the Brazilian market, Celltrion also aims to launch the injection type of infliximab biosimilar in other countries in South America.

"(Celltrion Healthcare) plans to introduce Remsima SC in Mexico, Colombia and Peru first during the second half this year, where the company has regional offices,” a Celltrion Healthcare official said.