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The Best Sushi Restaurants in Seoul 2022

Nov. 24, 2022 - 09:00 By Korea Herald

This information is provided by CATCH TABLE. -- Ed.


1. Sushi Ren

A high-end omakase restaurant with a private room to enjoy a peaceful meal with special people. It only serves the best quality of sushi that continuously attracts and satisfies its core customers. Experience the famous sushi omakase served along with the premium services by the best chefs in Seoul.

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2. Sushi Kurumi

A luxurious and high-end sushi omakase restaurant located in the hottest place in Seoul. With its clean interior and caring service, Kurumi is a great place to enjoy a fascinating meal.

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3. Sushi Kaisei

Sushi Kaisei is a high-end omakase restaurant that offers fresh sushi dishes along with delicate platings. Do not forget to ask the chef for pairing recommendations as well. It is an essential hot spot for sushi lovers to enjoy the fresh sushi from start to finish.

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4. Sushi Oomoto

Welcome to a sushi omakase restaurant that is faithful to the basics. The restaurant operates on both lunch and dinner courses. To designate a specific chef, please call us directly or write down the name of the chef when you make a reservation on CATCH TABLE.

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5. Sushi Ito

Welcome to Sushi Ito, a high end omakase restaurant like no other! Customers are amazed by every dish served that goes well with a glass of alcohol. Sushi Ito is not only famous for its freshly served dishes but also well known for its excellent service.

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6. Sushi Smire

A high-end omakase in Chungdam that offers fresh sushi from the start. If you would like to enjoy your omakase in a peaceful environment, Sushi Smire would be a great choice. Please note that valet services are available for your perfect meal in this restaurant.

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