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[팟캐스트] (480) 지난해 지구 온실가스 농도 최대치 / 북한, 사상 첫 NLL 이남에 탄도미사일 도발
Published : Nov 3, 2022 - 11:13
Updated : Nov 3, 2022 - 11:15

Giant bucket-wheel excavators extract coal at the controversial RWE Garzweiler surface coal mine near Jackerath, west Germany, April 29, 2021. (AP-Yonhap)

진행자: 조혜림, Beth Eunhee Hong

1. Greenhouse gases reach new record in 2021
기사요약: 지난해 전 지구의 온실가스 농도가 최대치를 경신했다. 특히 이산화탄소보다 온실효과가 28배 메탄의 농도가 관측 이래 가장 큰 상승폭을 보였다.

[1] GENEVA -- The three main greenhouse gases hit record high levels in the atmosphere last year, the UN weather agency said Wednesday, calling it an “ominous” sign/  as war in Ukraine, rising costs of food and fuel, and other worries have elbowed in on longtime concerns about global warming in recent months.

*record high: 최고의 기록, 사상 최고의
*ominous: 불길한
*elbow in: (팔꿈치로) 밀치다, 찌르다,
*longtime: 오랫동안의

[2] Of the three main types of heat-trapping greenhouse gases -- carbon dioxide, methane and nitrous oxide -- the biggest jump from 2020 to 2021 was in methane, whose concentrations in the air came in with the biggest year-on-year increase since regular measurements began four decades ago, the WMO said.

*heat-trapping: 열이 빠져 나가지 못하게 하는
*year-on-year: 전년 (연간) 대비
*decade: 10년

[3] A report published Wednesday by Climate Action Tracker which tracks nations’ pledges to reduce global warming found that of 40 indicators for reducing emissions -- like weaning off coal, ramping up electric vehicles or reducing deforestation -- the world wasn’t on track for any of them to match the levels of emissions reductions scientists say are needed to limit warming to 1.5C. Over half of the indicators showed the world is “well off track” to cutting emissions but added that promising progress has been made.

*track: 추적하다, 뒤쫓다; 길, 발자국
*pledge: 약속하다, 맹세
*wean off: ~가 ~을 끊게 하다, 그만두게 하다
*ramp up: 강화시키다, 증가시키다
*off track: 길에서 벗어나다,
*promising: 유망한, 촉망되는, 확실한

기사원문: https://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20221027000636&np=1&mp=1

2. ‘NK’s provocative missile launch over NLL backed with confidence over its nuke capability’
기사요약: 북한이 동해상 북방한계선 (NLL) 이남으로 사상 처음 탄도미사일을 발사했다. 울릉도엔 공습경보가 발령되기도 했다. 

 [1] North Korea's latest firing of more than 10 ballistic missiles, one of which landed south of the de facto maritime border for the first time, reflects the regime's confidence in its military capabilities and its determination to cement its status as a nuclear-armed state, Seoul-based experts said on Wednesday.
*latest: 가장 최근의
*ballistic missile: 탄도미사일
*de facto: 사실상 (법적으로 받아들여지지 않더라도)
*cement: 확고히 하다

[2] Over the unprecedented level of provocation, experts viewed it may be a "prelude" to further raise military tension in the region before it carries out its seventh nuclear test.
*unprecedented: 전례없는
*prelude: 전주곡, 서막

[3] North Korea will likely continue to ratchet up military tension on the Korean Peninsula, as it would want to cement its status as a nuclear-armed state, with its seventh nuclear test as a finale. Pyongyang would then want to lead negotiations directly with the US, holding its status as a nuclear-armed state, experts said.
*ratchet up: 단계적으로 증가시키다
*nuclear-armed state: 핵보유국

기사 원문: https://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20221102000614

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