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Hyosung donates AI care robots to older veterans

Aug. 19, 2022 - 17:30 By Kim Da-sol
Choi Hyung-sik, left, executive in charge of communications at Hyosung Group, poses with Kang Byung-koo, right, head of Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs’ Southern Seoul Regional Office, on Friday after delivering AI care robots for seniors. (Hyosung)

Hyosung Group said Friday that it has donated10 AI care robots, called Pibo, to older patriots and veterans, as part of its social contribution activities. 

Pibo, an AI care robot developed by a South Korean startup, Circulus, offers information such as news and weather while also monitoring the user’s body temperature and heart rate. It also manages medication tracking by setting a specific reminder of a user’s treatment schedule. The robot can monitor a user’s state of mind through conversation and offer emotional comfort by singing or taking photos. 

Hyosung Group said it would continue to support older veterans and patriots who have been struggling with isolation due to the pandemic. 

Last year, the group won an award from the Ministry of Patriots and Veterans Affairs for its contribution to improving the lives of veterans and patriots. 

Since 2021, Hyosung has been supporting veterans through collaborations with the Army Headquarters with its house renovation projects.

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