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[Graphic News] S. Korea tops COVID Resilience Ranking

July 18, 2022 - 10:01 By Nam Kyung-don

South Korea ranked first in the COVID Resilience Ranking surveyed by Bloomberg in June. This was the last result of the monthly survey which assessed 53 countries’ 11 indexes under the categories of reopening progress, COVID-19 status and quality of life.

Korea jumped up by five notches from the previous month, dropping Norway, the May champion, to fourth place. United Arab Emirates, Ireland, Norway, and Saudi Arabia followed South Korea in this survey.

It was the first time that Seoul grabbed the title since the survey began in November 2020. But the omicron waves in early 2020 pushed the country out of the list of economies that kept the top half ranks in every survey, which only includes UAE, Canada, and Finland.

South Korea fared well in its measures related to vaccination and lockdown in this survey, as it ensured broad chances to get a shot and travel within the country. Its low death rate from COVID-19 also boosted South Korea to the top.