Viviz ready to revel in ‘Summer Vibe’ with second EP
Published : Jul 6, 2022 - 19:01
Updated : Jul 6, 2022 - 19:01
Girl group Viviz poses for photos during a press conference for its second EP, “Summer Vibe,” held in Seoul on Wednesday. (BPM Entertainment)

After successfully embarking on a new musical journey as a rookie trio known as Viviz, the girl group is back with its second EP, “Summer Vibe,” which dropped Wednesday evening.

This marks the three-piece act’s return following the release of its first EP, “Beam of Prism,” in February after departing their former group GFriend.

Asked how it feels to make its way back to music charts, SinB said with a grin, “Since we’re returning after just five months, we wanted to show a different side of us compared to our first EP. That’s how we prepared for the album.”

With the hope of delivering songs that perfectly match the bright and energetic summer season, Eun-ha described the EP as “an album where Viviz tries to define summer with its own musical character.”

“There are a total of six songs on the album. Not only is our title track a song that spells out summer, but the other tracks also carry summer vibes. It’s an album that expresses summer in many ways,” Eun-ha said.

Leading the six-track release is “Loveade,” a funky retro dance song with lyrics that liken falling in love to a refreshing summer drink to cool off with on a warm day.

Gushing about the lead track, SinB thinks it’s a song that shows the energy of the summer solstice. “The tune of the song is light with a lot of energy, while being refreshing at the same time, so if you want to beat the heat, this is the one,” she added.

Eun-ha added that “the hook in the chorus is addictive.”

Going back to the band’s summer energy, SinB said there’s one thing she wants to show through “Summer Vibe”: Viviz’s energy that suits the summer.

“It’s our first summer song and album, so I hope people will revel in the cool summer energy.” 

Girl group Viviz poses for photos during a press conference for its second EP, “Summer Vibe,” held in Seoul on Wednesday. (BPM Entertainment)

The other tracks that round out the album are: “Siesta,” a song that has a ‘90s sound in its bass riffs; the up-tempo track “Party Pop”; a deep-house- tune titled “Love Love Love”; “#Flashback,” a track that walks down memory lane to reminisce about summer nights spent with one’s lover and “Dance,” a ballad dance song.

Umji said she tried to pepper a lot of summer elements into the album.

“If our previous EP, our debut album, was more about introducing who ‘Viviz’ is to music listeners, our new album shows Viviz’s identity. It’s an album that highlights Viviz’s musical color and its identity. Since it is summer, we returned with music that goes well with the season.”

When asked how it feels to hop on the July music craze, Umji surprisingly said all she needs is fans’ love.

“I heard many big names are returning in July. I kept asking the company if releasing the album during this period was a good choice. But this is only our second album. It would be nice to receive lots of love and do well on music charts, but I want fans to enjoy our music by comparing our new and previous albums.”

Apart from wanting to show off its energy, Viviz expressed hopes of meeting fans in-person for the first time in nearly two years.

At the end of the event, Eun-ha said she’d been yearning to hear fan chants, and she would be able to show off her best performance by seeing them and hearing their voices.

The six-track EP was released on Wednesday at 6 p.m.

By Park Jun-hee (junheee@heraldcorp.com)