[Best Brand] SPEP nurtures global talent through tailored training
Published : Jun 27, 2022 - 15:41
Updated : Jul 1, 2022 - 13:47
A promotional image of SPEP (SPEP)
SPEP, a global education firm, offers customized training and human resource management consultations that help clients strengthen their global capabilities.

The company offers tailored training solutions that go beyond language training, ranging from communications skills and business etiquette to education that helps clients develop an understanding of foreign cultures.

The solutions are developed at SPEP’s R&D Center, which is the focal point of SPEP’s global education know-how. The center is staffed by local and foreign experts who work with institutions and experts across the globe.

The center develops the core curriculum according to the needs of the clients, spanning from mobile applications, video classes and other elements that are essential to strengthening the clients’ global business capabilities.

Each training solution is tailored to the client’s needs by adding specific requirements across different industries and vocations.

SPEP offers both online and offline education systems, allowing clients to take part in the training at their convenience. In addition, the latest programs developed by the center and multimedia tools such as the SPEP App enables the client to receive systematic training.

“Numerous corporations and organizations in Korea have succeeded in establishing globalized corporate culture and obtaining results in international business with SPEP,” an SPEP official said.

The official added that SPEP will continue to develop education programs and offer consultations that will enable clients to strengthen their global capabilities.