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[팟캐스트] (460) 매물로 나온 한국 맥도날드 / 여름은 메밀국수

June 15, 2022 - 05:01 By Korea Herald
Signage outside a McDonald’s fast-food restaurant in Louisville, Kentucky. McDonald’s Korea is wholly owned by the US headquarters in Chicago. (Bloomberg)

진행자: 조혜림, Naomi Garyan

1. McDonald’s Korea back on sale after six years
기사요약: 국내 버거업계 1위 한국맥도날드가 매물시장에 나오며 다른 글로벌 패스트푸드사들과 같이 매각 러시에 뛰어들었다.

[1] McDonald’s South Korean arm, the country’s largest burger chain by revenue, is seeking a new owner, joining the latest burger chain sales rush.
*arm: 소매, 지부
*revenue: 수익
*sales rush: 줄줄이 매각

[2] The company announced on Friday that it will sell 100 percent of its shares and business license here owned by McDonald’s US headquarters, six years after its first attempt.
*attempt: 시도

[3] Hong Kong-based Affinity Equity Partners is selling Burger King Korea, along with the burger chain’s Japanese unit. Meanwhile, Korean chemicals conglomerate KG Group is seeking an exit after its five-year ownership of KFC Korea. Mom’s Touch, a home-grown chicken burger chain owned by private equity firm Korea F&B Holding, recently delisted from the nation’s second bourse Kosdaq in a move to search for a new owner.
*home-grown: 집에서 기른
*delist: 상장폐지
*bourse: 증권 거래소
*in a move: ~하기 위해서


2. Summer is for buckwheat noodles
기사요약: 여름의 양식, 메밀국수 맛집 소개

[1] One of the summertime dining staples in Korea is buckwheat noodles.

Even when the scorching weather makes one easily lose their appetite, it is hard to resist the slurpable noodles that can be served either hot or cold.
*dining staple: 주식
*appetite: 입맛
*slurpable: 후루룩 마실 수 있는

[2] The naturally gluten-free buckwheat contains abundant lysine, an essential amino acid which is missing in most plant-based vegan diets. It is also known to strengthen blood vessels and help improve cholesterol levels, according to multiple food nutrition studies.
*lysine: 리신 (아미노산의 일종)
[3] As Korea’s memil guksu — a type of buckwheat noodle dish in which the noodles and dipping broth are usually served separately — has gained popularity, there has been much debate about its origins. A vast majority of reviews based on historical archives today seem to give much weight to speculations that it is a modified version of the Japanese soba, which supposedly landed in Korea during the Japanese colonization.

Apart from the memil guksu, Koreans have enjoyed buckwheat noodles in a variety of different ways since the Joseon era.
*broth: 국물
*give weight to: ~중요시 하다, 비중을 두다
*supposedly: 추정상, 아마


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