Hana Financial stresses connectivity in vision for 2030
Published : Jun 6, 2022 - 14:48
Updated : Jun 6, 2022 - 14:49
Hana Financial Group Chairman Ham Young-joo (center) attends a ceremony held to promote the group’s “O.N.E. Value 2030” strategy on Thursday in Seoul. (Hana Financial)
Hana Financial Group has announced a set of mid- to long-term strategic goals for 2030 as it reorganized its corporate culture and strategy departments to better prepare for future industries such as the metaverse and blockchain.

For the past 11 months since June last year, some 12,000 staffers of Hana Financial took part in a bottom-up project called “New Vision” consisting of staff surveys, in-depth interviews, metaverse workshops, collecting customer opinion, outside expert interviews and consulting to set a new vision for the banking group.

The result is “All Connected in Hana Finance,” a vision highlighting connectivity, with trust, innovation and platform as the group’s three directions, the company said.

Through a new strategic goal dubbed “O.N.E. Value 2030,” Hana Financial vowed to focus on values instead of mere external growth.

During an event to announce the company’s new vision, Hana Financial Chief Executive Ham Young-joo said, “All Connected in Hana Finance” will offer special experiences for its customers and make an innovative financial platform available for everyone.

O.N.E. Value 2030 stands for the banking group’s resolve to connect everything for its customers, Our Value; improve its environmental, social and corporate governance, New Value; and better prepare for the future through innovation, Extra Value.

By Kim So-hyun (