Lee Kwang-soo, Kim Seol-hyun confident in ‘fast-paced, entertaining’ tvN mystery comedy
Published : Apr 26, 2022 - 15:02
Updated : Apr 26, 2022 - 15:02
Actors Kim Seol-hyun (left) and Lee Kwang-soo pose for photos before an online press conference for “The Killer’s Shopping List” on Monday. (tvN)

Cable channel tvN’s new Wednesday-Thursday drama, “The Killer’s Shopping List,” will be unlike any of the currently trending dramas with either heartwarming storylines or hard-hitting action sequences.

“Unlike the typical mystery thrillers with intense mind games and breathtaking actions, our series takes a different approach to a mysterious murder case. The exciting script aside, the character was really new to me. I thought I would not have another chance to play such an interesting character,” Lee Kwang-soo said in an online press conference on Monday.

The actor was certain viewers will be drawn in by the comedy thriller’s interesting story and hilarious characters.

Adapted from the novel “The Killer’s Shopping Mall” written by author Kang Ji-young, the upcoming series centers around a couple who chases the killer in a murder that occurred in a neighborhood supermarket called MS Mart.

Lee, 36, takes the role of Dae-sung, the supermarket owner’s son and cashier, in his third year of preparing for a civil service exam.
Lee Kwang-soo takes the role of supermarket cashier Dae-sung in “The Killer’s Shopping List.” (tvN)

“Dae-sung is a character with an outstanding memory. He is interested in almost everything about every person (mostly supermarket visitors) around him,” the actor said.

Actor-turned-singer Kim Seol-hyun, widely known as Seolhyun of K-pop girl group AOA, co-stars as Ah-hee, a young police officer and Dae-sung’s girlfriend of 20 years.

“Some viewers might be worried about my starring in a comedy series for the first time. But there are many comical situations and witty lines in the script that allow me to feel less pressure and act in an exaggerated comical way,” Kim said.
Kim Seol-hyun plays a young police officer in “The Killer’s Shopping List.” (tvN)

When asked about the series’ relatively short length compared to the usual 16-episode dramas, Lee said that eight episodes are more than enough.

“As an actor, an eight-part series seemed a little short. But, the stories will be presented at a fast pace and I think this format is perfect for the viewers to enjoy our show,” Lee said.
From left: Actor Jin Hee-kyung, director Lee Eon-hee, actors Kim Seol-hyun and Lee Kwang-soo pose for photos before an online press conference for “The Killer’s Shopping List” on Monday. (tvN)

Director Lee Eon-hee, who was behind the mystery film “Missing” (2016), hoped to present a story the viewers can easily empathize with.

“Supermarket is a place which is familiar to almost everyone. Sometimes, we meet the supermarket staff more frequently than our family members. And I wanted to bring out the stories that can actually happen in our real lives,” Lee Eon-hee said.

“Of course, finding the murderer and solving the case is the job of police. But, being nosy and paying a little attention to a neighbor can sometimes be of great help. This is how the exciting investigation by Dae-sung and Ah-hee began with a receipt left by the killer,” the director added.

The eight-part series is scheduled to premiere Wednesday at 10:30 p.m. on tvN.

“The Killer’s Shopping List” is available on local streaming platform Tving as well.

By Lee Si-jin (sj_lee@heraldcorp.com)