[Eye Plus] Yongyangbongjeojong the resting place for king, night scenery for people today
Published : Feb 5, 2022 - 16:00
Updated : Feb 5, 2022 - 16:00
Photo by Park Hyun-koo
Yongyangbongjeojong is a pavilion in southern Seoul that Jeongjo -- who ruled in the Joseon era from 1776 to 1800 -- used for respite when he visited Hyollyungwon in Suwon, where the tomb of his father Crown Prince Sado is located. 

Photo by Park Hyun-koo
Designated as Seoul Tangible Cultural Property No. 6, it was named for the unique scenery of the mountain and river that surrounds the pavilion. King Jeongjo once said, “The high mountain in the north and the running Han River look like a wriggling dragon and Chinese phoenix. The view seems to imply the nation will last billions of years.” The king later named the pavilion Yongyangbongjeojong. 

Photo by Park Hyun-koo
Inside the pavilion is a wooden floor and room. At the time, there were a few office buildings to manage the pontoon bridge near the pavilion. Those buildings have since disappeared. 

Photo by Park Hyun-koo
If you have some time, you can hike Haneul Park located behind the pavilion. Namsan, with a peak of 262 meters high in central Seoul, Bukhansan and the Han River will come into sight. The installation works of rabbits and trees decorated with lights add more beauty to the night scene of the park. 

Photo by Park Hyun-koo
There are cafes and photo zones at the park for those who want a warm drink during the winter and to take photos with friends. Yongyangbongjeojong is a place where you can catch a glimpse of history of the late Joseon era and enjoy a walk with friends to enjoy the night view of Seoul.

Photos by Park Hyun-koo
Written by Park Yuna

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