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PR Newswire's Business & Finance Media Pitching Kit 2021 (APAC Edition) Shares News and Trends on the Radar of Journalists

Dec. 14, 2021 - 11:40 By

HONG KONG, Dec. 14, 2021 /PRNewswire/-- PR Newswire launched its Business & Finance Media Pitching Kit 2021 (APAC Edition) today, offering insights for brands pitching to business and finance media amidst a global economic outlook that remains clouded by uncertainties.

PR Newswire's Business & Finance Media Pitching Kit 2021 (APAC Edition)
PR Newswire's Business & Finance Media Pitching Kit 2021 (APAC Edition)

As the economy is reeling from the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, many brands have shifted their business priorities and accelerated their digital transformation. Over the past year, there has been an increased use of digital currencies, and more brands are prioritizing Environmental, Social & Governance (ESG) initiatives.

The wave of changes has presented brands with many opportunities to share their stories with journalists who demand timely data and C-suite perspectives. For this media pitching kit, PR Newswire interviewed 19 business and finance editors and journalists across 9 markets in the Asia-Pacific region. They provided an inside look into the types of content that would entice them to follow up on press releases, the challenges of reporting while working remotely, and emerging trends they are looking to cover more in the coming year.

Download the kit here or start with the key takeaways below.

1. Spotlight on business and finance trends shaped by COVID-19

Journalists are keen to report on trends such as the digital transformation of enterprises, real estate price hikes, the rise of e-commerce and ESG.

"ESG and alternative investments are definite trends in the next year as investors hunt for higher yield. However, we don't want to neglect fixed income and equities which continue to take up a large part of investor portfolios, so we will continue to cover these, albeit to a slightly smaller degree," said Natalie Koh, News Editor, AsianInvestor.

"With a new wave of the pandemic, it is likely that 2022 will be another year in which investors look to real estate as a safe haven, and the market will continue to set new price peaks," said Phạm Thị Điệp Anh,  Business Editor and Reporter, VTV24.

2. Focus on the future of business and finance

Hot topics on the radar of business and finance journalists include digital banking, fintech, blockchain and burgeoning trends like electric vehicles and renewable energy. Countries or companies that make successful developments in these areas will be closely watched.

"Digital banking, electric vehicles, smart cities, and renewable energy - these topics are important to our readers because they represent the future of the economy," Kamarul Azhar, Assistant Editor, The Edge.

"Blockchain is an emerging powerhouse. All industries and businesses are increasingly devoted to discovering the possibility of blockchain applications, ranging from real estate, banking, to logistics and supply chain," said Michael Ng, Features Journalist, HK101.

3. Keep a close eye on business forecasts

As markets react to the uncertain COVID-19 situation, journalists are looking to meet the needs of audiences, who want forecasts to make sound decisions on financial investments such as stocks, bonds, gold and digital currency.

"Readers want forecasts to make moves in financial and business investment. New models and ideas will always be interesting.," said Nguyễn Viễn Thông, Business Editor and Journalist, VNExpress.

"I look forward to more interpretation and analysis based on various companies' data, including but not limited to financial, business, user, and industry data," Yue Qi, Editor-in-Chief, National Business Daily.

4. Wanted: uplifting stories from the business and finance community

Reporters are increasingly looking out for inspiring stories and useful tips on achieving successful leadership. Views from business leaders are also attractive if they can share specific learnings and personal anecdotes from their careers.

"As a part of a larger society, the media must evolve in an effort to keep people's spirits and motivation high, especially in a time of crisis. We accomplish this by writing about successful business enterprises, executives, and businessmen who not only survived during the pandemic, but even thrived," said Kormensius Barus, Chief Editor,

"There will be more coverage on insights from business leaders in Asia who share their biggest lessons from their career that they can pass on to others. As the ecosystem grows, it is important to have a platform where people can learn from others so they can grow into leadership roles," said Taro Ishida, Partnerships Manager, KrASIA.

Other key pitching tips from the media include preparing C-suite executives for virtual media interviews, providing data-rich press materials as well as paying attention to key metrics to measure the success and impact of stories.

To get a deep dive into reporting on the business and finance industry, download the PR Newswire's Business & Finance Pitching Kit 2021 (APAC Edition) here.

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