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Playlist: All you need for Christmas is a Merry K-pop song

Dec. 21, 2021 - 16:13 By Park Jun-hee
Treat yourself to a merry little Christmas -- with this perfect playlist. Here are 10 songs to spice up the wintery mood and ring in the holiday season. 

A poster for boy band BTS’ Butter remix. (Big Hit Music)

1) “Butter (Holiday Remix)” - BTS

K-pop sensation BTS surprised fans by dropping its fifth official remix of its megahit “Butter.” But this time, the septet went for a carol remix of their song to revel in the winter holiday mood and to thank fans for showing their continued support.

The original music’s disco instrumentals are replaced with merry jingle bells that resemble churchbells ringing to the melody of a jazzy saxophone solo in the background. Get festive and chime in alongside BTS when they sing “side step, right-left, to my beat” as it repeats through the chorus. 

A still image of boy band Stray Kids for “Christmas EveL.” (JYP Entertainment)

2) “Christmas EveL” - Stray Kids

To celebrate the Christmas season, boy band Stray Kids dropped off a special holiday gift on Nov. 29 for their fans: ”Christmas EveL.“

Dressed in Santas, the eight-piece swapped their typical funky hip-hop grooves for some Christmas cheer by blending in traditional festive sounds for their first-ever seasonal release.

The holiday classic, ”Feliz Navidad,“ comes in on the bridge, blending with rapper Felix’s low, bassy tones, allowing fans to dive into the festive sing-along mood. 

A picture of boy band The Boyz for ”Christmassy.“ (IST Entertainment)

3) “Christmassy!” - The Boyz

In celebration of their third anniversary, The Boyz rang in the holidays with “Christmassy,” a special single released in December 2020 for fans.

The winter jingle opens with sleigh bells sounds but later switches into a gentle pop-like beat, and ends with choir harmonies during the pre-chorus.

Keep your ears open for the singalong part in the latter part of the chorus, and the rappers’ low-tone rapping. 

A poster for Tiffany Young’s ”Peppermint.“ (Courtesy of Tiffany Young)

4) “Peppermint” - Tiffany Young

“Peppermint,” released in 2018, is Tiffany Young’s first Christmas song that she released as a solo artist.

Better known as Tiffany from Girls’ Generation, the chill and R&B-based sultry melody celebrates the sweetness of the holiday season, and the lyrics speak of a lover who makes her happy. The song matches well with the singer’s velvety vocals as she coos about love, saying, “In your arms is where I’m happy.”
A poster for boy band Astro’s “Merry-Go-Round.” (Fantagio Music)

5) “Merry-go-round (Christmas Edition)” - Astro

In this Christmas version of ”Merry-Go-Round,“ the seven members are listed as lyricists to show their love and gratitude toward fans on Christmas Eve.

Released in 2018, the light and cheerful chorus that continues through the song gives off a cheerful vibe.

The title likens one to being around their crush like a merry-go-round and talks about one’s emotions after confessing to a lover. The bright mood of the song also conveys a feeling of warmth to listeners. 

Album cover of Taeyeon’s ”This Christmas – Winter is Coming.“ (S.M. Entertainment)

6) “This Christmas” - Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation

Taeyeon of Girls’ Generation truly lets her voice shine in “This Christmas.” Unlike the title of the song, the song is not filled with sleigh bell sounds and upbeat synths, but soothes listeners with its simple pop-like piano ballad. 

A poster for boy band Monsta X’s ”Lonely Christmas.“ (Starship Entertainment)

7) “Lonely Christmas” - Monsta X

Boy band Monsta X released ”Lonely Christmas“ in 2017 to convey a message that nobody deserves to feel alone during the holidays. The lyrics, written by Joohoney, croon about feeling lonely on Christmas and wanting to spend the special day with one’s lover. If you’re spending this time of the year alone, the group’s sweet and mellow vocals will definitely help you beat away the holiday blues. 

An album cover of ”Merry & Happy.“ (JYP Entertainment)

8) “Merry & Happy” - Twice

”Merry & Happy“ is a track from Twice’s repackaging of its first studio album of the same title, ”Merry & Happy,“ released in 2017.

The midtempo song blended with the sound of bells and uplifting beats is one that is sure to put you into the holiday spirit. Play this song on repeat and it’ll start feeling a lot like Christmas. 

An album cover of boy band Exo’s winter special album ”For Life.“ (S.M. Entertainment)

9) “For Life” - Exo

Known for their winter releases, ”For Life“ is boy band Exo’s title track for their special winter album of the same name, dropped in 2016. The ballad song starts by touching on the emotions of listeners with melancholy tunes signaling that it’s time to wrap up the year.

Grab a cup of hot chocolate and a warm blanket -- this heartwarming ballad is the perfect song to listen to on a cold winter’s day. 

A poster for Red Velvet’s ”Wish Tree.“ (S.M. Entertainment)

10) “Wish Tree” - Red Velvet

Red Velvet sings in perfect harmony in this three-minute track of “Wish Tree” released in 2015.

The seasonal song shares three wishes the bandmates have made. The first part of the song is about being happy, the second is about being with your lover after several winters and the last is hoping all your other wishes will come true.