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Chairman of Unilumin Declares 11 Million Share Donation to Unilumin Foundation
Published : Dec 10, 2021 - 05:51
Updated : Dec 10, 2021 - 05:51

SHENZHEN, China, Dec. 10, 2021 /PRNewswire/ -- Global-leading Shenzhen-based LED enterprise Unilumin Group, issued a public announcement. Unilumin's Chairman Lin Mingfeng signed an agreement to donate his private equity of 11 million shares of Unilumin stock (worth nearly RMB 100 million according to the transaction price on the settlement day) to the Unilumin Foundation, for charitable purposes.

Lin Mingfeng, Chairman of Unilumin
Lin Mingfeng, Chairman of Unilumin

Through an open letter, Lin Mingfeng explained the donation's intention. He mentioned the hard experience of his rural childhood, and attributes his success to the open policy in China and also the support from his colleagues. He hopes to light up rural roads with street lamps provided by Unilumin's leading edge in LED lighting and display, so as to give back to society.  

Besides the Chairman's donation, Unilumin Group has always been committed to CSR. To fight Covid-19, for example, Unilumin created a global endowment consisting of 5 million yuan and supplies.

Early in 2017, Lin Mingfeng and his colleagues had the idea of engaging in public welfare, establishing the Unilumin Foundation in Shenzhen thereafter. Since then, he's noticed that making Unilumin Foundation a platform for Unilumin's stakeholders to demonstrate their philanthropy, and thus make the foundation thrive. As a result, he decided to donate his private equity of 11 million shares of Unilumin to the Unilumin Foundation to enrich the foundation's capital pool and motivate more Unilumin people to participate in charity.

Lin Mingfeng said that he bears primary responsibility for running the company well and providing excellent products and services to Unilumin's customers, and at the same time, maintaining ESG responsibility. In the future, the Unilumin Foundation will focus on "rural revitalization, medical assistance, student assistance and teaching assistance" and seek an innovative public welfare model of sustainable development.

Unilumin Street Project in Italy
Unilumin Street Project in Italy

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