Shavkat Mirziyoyev reelected as Uzbek President in landslide victory
Published : Nov 1, 2021 - 22:09
Updated : Nov 1, 2021 - 22:14
The Uzbekistan Liberal Democratic Party holds an event at Humo Arena Complex in the capital Tashkent on Oct. 25. (Embassy of Uzbekistan in Seoul)

Shavkat Mirziyoyev has been reelected as the president of Uzbekistan for a second consecutive five-year term, winning the presidential election on Oct. 24.

According to the Central Election Commission, the final results of the presidential elections in Uzbekistan were announced with the participation of over 16 million voters.

Mirziyoyev, nominated candidate of the Movement of Entrepreneurs and Businesspeople, or the Liberal Democratic Party of Uzbekistan, received 13 million, or over 80 percent, of the total votes.

Maksuda Varisova, candidate for the People‘s Democratic Party of Uzbekistan, received over 1 million votes, or 6.63 percent.

Among other presidential candidates, Alisher Kadirov of the Democratic Party received about 5.5 percent of votes, Narzulla Oblomurodov of the Ecological Party received 4.14 percent of votes and Bakhrom Abdukhalimov of the Adolat Social Democratic Party garnered about 3.4 percent of voters.

Meanwhile, the number of unused and spoiled, or canceled, ballots numbered over 4 million.

The landslide victory by Mirziyoyev is seen as the people’s widespread support for the reforms and transformations felt in the lives of the Uzbek people and their confidence for the future.

According to the Uzbekistan Embassy in Seoul, unprecedented large-scale work carried out under Mirziyoyev’s leadership over the past five years reached every sphere in accordance with the action strategy for five priority areas for the development of the Republic of Uzbekistan from 2017-21, the most important being the administrative, legal and economic reforms that were implemented.

“During 2017-2021, Uzbekistan’s economy grew by twenty-four percent, industry by thirty-four percent, exports increased by one-five times, volume of foreign investment by three times, and gross domestic product reached $60 billion and average monthly salary increased 2.2 times,” Uzbekistan Embassy said in an email statement.

The embassy added that large-scale opportunities created for the development of regions, industry and the service sector were expanded, hundreds of enterprises and factories and thousands of new jobs appeared and large-scale construction and landscaping activities were carried out in Uzbekistan over the last five years.

The email stated that practical effectiveness and human interests were at the forefront of reforms, socially oriented programs were implemented and attention was paid to the development of science, education, health care, culture and art, mass media and sports.

The statement added that Mirziyoyev developed and designed the New Uzbekistan strategy for consistent work, bringing development and the Uzbek people to a new level, and addressed the goals and content of the program during preelection meetings, reflecting citizens’ belief in the success of the strategy.
The Uzbekistan Liberal Democratic Party holds an event at Humo Arena Complex in the capital Tashkent on Oct. 25. (Embassy of Uzbekistan in Seoul)

Mirziyoyev acknowledged the people of Uzbekistan and party activists’ trust at the event held at Humo Arena Complex on Oct. 25.

“The trust of great Uzbek people is a great happiness for me. I express my deep gratitude to all my fellow party members, young people, dear mothers and fathers for the high trust and support they have shown me. This trust gives me strength and at the same time, I feel with all my heart how much responsibility this is,” Mirziyoyev said.

Mirziyoyev noted that in these troubled times, many difficult trials have to be overcome, and Uzbeks, united with their inherent diligence and dedication, are to achieve tremendous success.

The president highlighted that the vote in Uzbekistan was held based on the Election Code held for the first time, respecting the spirit of democracy, openly and publicly.

Mirziyoyev said that the election included observers who came from many countries and major international organizations, and could visit any polling station of their choice and see the real conditions, making sure the Uzbek people are not indifferent to the future.

The president also noted that observers actively participated in the elections, voting together with their families that testified to the spirit, mood and political culture of the people of Uzbekistan.

“At meetings, people make relevant proposals for each area, city or district. Criticism also sounds, this is result of the fact that Uzbek lives have changed, democratic reforms are being carried out.

“I want to say again: there is no way back. Now Uzbekistan will only move forward,” Shavkat Mirziyoyev stressed.

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