[Video] <Konnect> Meet the three brothers shaking up the K-pop industry
Published : Oct 7, 2021 - 16:09
Updated : Nov 25, 2021 - 09:47

A visit to Korea to see his brother, K-pop sensation Eric Nam, changed Brian Nam’s life.

After a podcast experiment that started in Eric’s kitchen reached number one in 29 countries, Brian quit school and followed his passion for connecting people through podcast content.

Along with their other brother Eddie, who works in artist management, the three launched Dive Studios in 2019. In our conversation with Brian, we learn about what it’s like to start a company with family and the importance of getting celebrities to open up about taboo subjects!

00:00 - Intro
00:47 - Behind story on the name 'DIVE'
03:30 - Why the 'Nam brothers' focused on 'K-pop'?
05:45 - Why 'Podcast'?
07:47 - Goals of 'Dive Studios' and MINDSET
10:20 - Brian Nam's Podcast List
12:30 - How his family reacted when Brian dropped out of school
15:56 - SPECIAL PHONE CALL (with...?!?!)
17:52- What drives Brian to success?

This is Episode 05. for Asia 101.
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