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[팟캐스트] (409) 타투업 합법화 논란 재점화 / BTS 멤버, 각 200억대 주식부호 반열에
Published : Jun 23, 2021 - 01:31
Updated : Jun 23, 2021 - 01:35

Rep. Ryu Ho-jeong (center) of the minor Justice Party shouts out slogans during a press conference held at the National Assembly to demand changes to “outdated” laws on tattoos. Ryu wore a purple backless dress to show off her temporary body art as a means to show her support for tattooing as an acceptable form of expression. (Office of Rep. Ryu Ho-jeong/Yonhap)

진행자: 최지원, Naomi Garyan

1. Pro-tattoo activists challenge “outdated” tattoo laws
-Medical license should not be required for tattooing, they say

요약: 최근 ‘타투업법 제정안’이 발의되며 타투업의 합법화 문제가 수면 위로 올랐다.

[1] Being tattooed has long been negatively viewed in Korea. Tattoos were once associated with criminals and mobsters, and it was common for those with visible tattoos to be looked down upon and discriminated against in public spaces.

*mobsters: 조직 폭력배
*be looked down upon: 천대를 받다
*be discriminated: 차별을 당하다

[2] But with the growing number of tattoo artists and tattoo recipients in recent years, discussions about whether to ease limits on tattooing have grown, along with the political will to bring about regulatory changes. A number of lawmakers have proposed bills similar to Ryu’s from as early as 2007, but all of them expired.

*recipients: 받는 사람 (대상자, 수신인)
*ease limit: 제한을 완화하다

[3] The issue also gained steam earlier this month when images circulated of BTS member Jungkook appearing on national television with bandages covering the tattoos on his hands and arms. The Korea Communications Standards Commission prohibits showing tattoos on TV.

*to gain steam: 논의가 활발해지다; 힘을 얻다
*to prohibit: 금지하다

[4] Doctors have consistently voiced opposition to pro-tattoo laws, saying that allowing laypeople to administer tattoos would risk public health and fail to protect those with adverse symptoms after getting tattoos.

*laypeople: 일반인 (비전문가)
*to administer: 집행하다; 시술하다; 관리하다
*adverse: 부정적인

기사 원문: http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20210617000697&np=4&mp=1

2. Stock gift to BTS members balloons to W150b

요약: 소속사 하이브의 주가가 최근 급등하며 아이돌그룹 BTS 멤버들이 200억원대 주식 부호 반열에 올랐다.

[1] Stocks gifted to members of boy band BTS have snowballed to a combined value of nearly 150 billion won ($132.5 million) over the course of about 10 months.

*to snowball: 급증하다; 눈덩이처럼 커지다
*over the course of~: ~의 기간동안

[2] The gift -- 478,695 common shares of BTS’ management agency Hybe that were evenly distributed to the seven members -- is now valued at the domestic stock market at 149.8 billion won, as Hybe shares notched an all-time high for five straight trading days until Friday.

*evenly: 균등하게; 똑같이
*be valued at~: ~의 가치로 평가되다
*domestic: 국내의
*notched an all-time high: 사상 최고치를 달성했다

[3] Among those under the age of 30 in Korea, all seven members ranked 43rd in a list of the richest people by stocks owned, according to an estimate by market tracker FnGuide.

Their valuation jumped 2.3 times from Hybe’s initial public offering in October 2020.

*ranked ~: 등수(순위)가 되다/매겨지다
*valuation: 평가액; 가치
*initial public offering: 주식 신규 상장; 주식 공모

4] Hybe founder and CEO Bang Si-hyuk gave the stocks to its prized boy band a month before the company went public. Hybe, then known as Big Hit Entertainment, said the gift was a token of the long-term partnership between the company and the artists.

*founder: 창립자
*prized: 소중한; 가치 있는; 중요한
*go public: 공개하다; 주식을 상장하다
*token (of ~): (~의) 증표/표시

기사 원문: http://www.koreaherald.com/view.php?ud=20210620000122


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