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Macquarie Korea hosts virtual seminar on industrial safety awareness

July 17, 2020 - 17:10 By Jung Min-kyung
Macquarie Korea
The South Korean unit of Macquarie Infrastructure and Real Assets hosted a virtual seminar on industrial safety awareness Thursday for companies receiving investments from its funds, it said Friday.

The seminar was part of Safety Day, which the company holds annually in an effort to prevent industrial disasters and help companies understand related risks. It was carried out virtually this year due to the coronavirus pandemic, with the participation of officials from Macquarie Group and project companies that MIRA has funded.

The seminar included participants in Australia and Hong Kong as well.

“MIRA has been making efforts to secure leadership in the environmental, social and governance areas and is interested in the project companies’ industrial safety and health policies as much as the outcomes of the investments,” said Kim Yong-hwan, senior managing director of MIRA.

MIRA is Australian investment bank Macquarie Group’s asset management unit’s standalone business.

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