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[팟캐스트] (341) 당정청, 추경 편성 신속 추진/ 코로나19 확산에 재택근무 실시하는 기업 늘어나

Feb. 26, 2020 - 14:02 By Korea Herald

진행자: 김보경, Kevin Lee Selzer

1. Presidential office, ruling party to speed up economic aid for COVID-19

팟빵 (안드로이드):

[1]An economic aid package and extra budget will be drawn up as quickly as possible to combat the effects of the COVID-19 outbreak, the presidential office, government and ruling Democratic Party of Korea agreed Tuesday.

* economic aid package: 재정지원
*extra budget: 추가 경정예산안
*draw up: 계획을 세우다
*combat: 싸움

[2]The move comes a day after President Moon Jae-in raised the possibility of the additional funds to manage the economic fallout of the outbreak. Speaking at Monday’s meeting with top aides and infectious disease experts, Moon called on the government to consider all possible policy measures, including the extra budget.

*fallout: 좋지 못한 결과
*infectious disease: 전염병

[3]The agreement was reached at a three-way meeting Tuesday, where the three sides also agreed to tighten quarantine measures on Daegu and North Gyeongsang Province as much as possible to contain the outbreak. Daegu and North Gyeongsang Province have become the epicenter of the COVID-19 outbreak in Korea, with more than 80 percent of cases having been confirmed in the area.

*three-way: 당정청
*tighten: 더 엄격하게 하다
*quarantine measure: 검역 조치
*contain: 방지하다
*epicenter: 진원지

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2. Coronavirus changes South Korean workplace landscape

팟빵 (안드로이드):

[1]The new coronavirus outbreak has led to drastic changes in South Korea’s workplace culture, albeit temporarily.

* outbreak: 발병
* drastic: 급격한
* workplace culture: 기업 문화
*albeit A: 비록 A일지라도

[2]Many major companies are letting their employees work from home or have flexible working hours after the government raised the alert level to “serious” and the number of cases here surged.

* work from home: 재택근무
* flexible: 유연한

[3] As of Tuesday afternoon, the number of confirmed COVID-19 patients stood at 977, up 84 from 10 a.m., while the death toll stood at 10.

*As of A: A현재까지
*confirmed patients: 확진자
*stood at: 집계되다

[4]The nation’s largest conglomerate Samsung Group decided Monday to allow pregnant employees to work from home and delivered the information to each affiliate through its personnel teams. In the case of Samsung Electronics’ Gumi plants, which were suspended after a confirmed infection case, the firm ordered employees to telecommute from Monday for seven days.

* conglomerate: 대기업
* personnel team: 인사과
* plant suspension: 공장 중단
* telecommute: 재택근무

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