Musical highlights prejudice against women through Victorian writer‘s struggles
Singer-turned-actress Ivy stars in ’Red Book‘
Published : Feb 11, 2018 - 16:08
Updated : Feb 11, 2018 - 16:08
Singer-turned-actress Ivy admitted that she paid little attention to women’s rights before landing the lead role in“Red Book,” a local musical production that explores the theme of discrimination against women.

”(It is) embarrassing to tell, but I had not given much thought to issues such as women’s rights or discrimination against women in the past. However, I recently became more aware of these issues. I have learned a great deal while preparing for the role, and I began studying the issues as well,“ Ivy said during a media session held at the Sejong M Theater in Seoul Friday. 

Ivy (left) plays the Anna role in “Red Book” musical. (PRM)

”Red Book“ is a musical that revolves around a female character Anna, who receives wrongful treatment and is subjected to prejudices during the Victorian era over her writing of a story based on her erotic experiences.

The rom-com musical piece has comical kicks throughout, but the underlying theme is nonetheless a heavy one. It is not a coincidence that the sparky musical resonates with the on-going #MeToo movement in Korea.

“I first started off writing a story about a female writer, just in a cheerful manner. But I became more aware of incidents that female writers go through while I was developing the story. I tried to pay more attention writing the piece as the gender issue has become a rising concern here,“ said Han Jung-suk, the writer of “Red Book.” The Victorian-era setting was selected as prejudice against women writers was at its height during the time, she explained.

”The musical piece has comical kicks throughout, but the underlying theme appears to be a heavy one,“ Ivy added.

“Red Book,” meanwhile, marks the singer-turned-actress’ fourth musical in two years. Ivy previously starred in local musical productions of “Memories of Matsuko“ and ”Ben-Hur“ last year, as well as ”Aida“ in 2016. The singer-turned-actress also made appearances in a TV series called ”Bog Mom.“

“Red Book,” which started its run on Feb. 6 will be shown at Sejong M Theater until March 30.

Ivy and Yuria have been double cast for the role of Anna, while actors Lee Sang-yi and Park Eun-suk will play the male protagonist Brown.

“Red Book” is one of the art performances supported by Arko Selection, a platform led by Art Council Korea. Arko Selection is dedicated to discovering new art performances and projects, ranging from dance performances, plays and musicals to traditional arts, classical music and operas. Last year, Arko provided funding for 22 art performances.

Shim Woo-hyun (ws@heraldcorp.com)