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[Announcement] Hear experts discuss design management at the Herald Design Premium Talk on Nov. 8

Oct. 18, 2016 - 16:09 By Rumy Doo
Herald Corp. invites you to a special dinner with four design experts on the evening of Nov. 8, where guests will be able to participate in discussions about design innovation and its impact on businesses. 

The dinner event, titled “Herald Design Premium Talk,” will take place after the 2016 Herald Design Forum sessions on Nov. 8.

Design has become the driving force behind growth, breaking boundaries in all businesses today. In the future, products and creative works will no longer be confined to one field. Collaborative efforts will lead to new areas of business and an enhanced lifestyle. Join us in a fruitful discussion of these topics and more.

Title of event: Herald Design Premium Talk 2016

Topic: Expanding the horizons of design through collaboration

Time: 6–8:30 p.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 8, 2016 

Location: Grand Hyatt Seoul Regency Room

Host: Daniel Kim (Asia chief of Daylight Design, speaker at the 2014 Herald Design Forum)

Speakers (in order):
[Session 1] The power of collaboration projects to transform the business landscape
- Alberto Alessi (CEO of houseware company Alessi)
- Ko Tae-yong (Fashion designer, CEO of Beyond Closet)
[Session 2] The origin of innovation and value creation: Success stories of collaboration projects
- Ross Lovegrove (British industrial designer, designer of the Sony Walkman cassette player)
- Kim Jin-sik (Furniture designer, CEO of Studio Jinsik Kim)

Tickets: Available for purchase at 

Inquiries: Herald Design Forum (02) 727-0312, 0048