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[Graphic News] Conglomerates downsize investments last year

April 7, 2015 - 20:42 By Korea Herald
Korea’s major conglomerates decreased their investments last year due to the nation’s protracted economic sluggishness, data showed Tuesday.

The total amount of investments by the nation’s top 30 conglomerates in 2014 was 148.5 trillion won ($136 billion), a 10 trillion won (6.4 percent) decrease from 2013, according to market research firm CEO Score.

In particular, the conglomerates’ facility investments dropped sharply by 11 percent from 113.8 trillion won in 2013 to 101.2 trillion won in 2014.

But their investments in research and development, intellectual property and other intangible assets increased.

Of the conglomerates surveyed, Samsung Group made 33.9 percent of the total investment with 50.4 trillion won. It spent 29.7 trillion won on facility investment, 18.8 trillion won on R&D and 1.9 trillion won on intangible assets.