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Fly to the Sky, Gummy unite for collaboration concerts

Dec. 12, 2014 - 20:28 By Korea Herald
Following a special collaborative live performance in United States last month, noted ballad singer Gummy is reuniting with male R&B duo Fly to the Sky to hold three concerts in Seoul later this month.

Brian Joo and Hwanhee of Fly to the Sky will be joining Gummy onstage once again for the artist’s upcoming live collaboration concert series, “The Attraction,” to be held from Dec. 23 to Christmas Day at the Kyung Hee University’s Peace Amphitheater.

The three local artists claim to share a tight-knit relationship spanning 14 years and in commemoration of their longtime friendship and both the act’s return to the music scene this year, the trio decided to come together and collaborate onstage for the first time in years. 
Hwanhee (from left), Gummy and Brian Joo perform at press showcase at the Ilchi Art Hall in Seoul on Thursday. (Changjak Companyda)

“I have collaborated with a ton of male artists in the past, but with these two guys, they have a very different musical vibe. And on a personal level, we just have a very special connection,” said Gummy, during a press showcase held at the Ilchi Art Hall in Seoul on Thursday.

“This is why we thought the title, ‘The Attraction,’ is the perfect fit for our concert,” she added.

In May, Fly to the Sky released its ninth studio album “Continuum,” marking the group’s official return to local music scene after five years. The 10-track album was the duo’s first album release since its 10th anniversary studio album “Decennium” in 2009.

In October, Gummy also returned to the spotlight with the release of her latest hit single, “No Place to Go.”

Following their respective releases, the three teamed to perform a show at the Pasadena Civic Auditorium in California on Nov. 29 keen to introduce their ballad singles outside of the peninsula.

“Through our U.S. concert, we wanted to promote our songs to a more international audience, and I think it was a success,” said Joo.

For the two act’s upcoming Seoul concert series, the artists promise fans a rare opportunity to see the three friends not only performing together, but reinterpreting one another’s songs and giving concert goers a chance to see a different side of themselves with the opportunity to hear their music like it’s never been heard before.

“When you talk about the three of us, I think a lot of people will immediately think about us singing a lot of depressing, breakup songs,” Gummy explained. “But I just wanted to say that we also sing a lot of love songs, songs with messages; we will be bringing a lot of variety with our music during the collaboration concert. I think fans will have a lot of fun and enjoy the show.”

“When you meet her (Gummy) in person, she seems very quiet and reserved,” said Joo. “But when she gets onstage, this changes and she just becomes this very sexy woman.”

“Nevertheless, I think that I will be able to top her sexiness during the concert,” he quipped.

Ticket prices to “The Attraction” range from 77,000 won to 132,000 won and can be purchased online at and

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