MS launches cloud platform in Korea
Published : Jun 11, 2012 - 19:59
Updated : Jun 11, 2012 - 19:59
Global software giant takes on Amazon, Google in emerging technology

Microsoft has launched its all-new hybrid cloud computing platform, Windows Azure, in Korea after holding off on the service for two years.

Despite the delay in the release here, officials said MS is still ahead of its competitors such as Amazon and Google in Korea’s cloud computing arena.

Amazon has not yet made a significant inroad into the Korean market, although the online book retailer has established its cloud computing service globally, while Google is looking to enter the fast-growing tech sector, said Jin Sang-hun, senior product manager for Microsoft Korea’s public cloud division.

“We felt the time was ripe for the launch of Azure as Korea’s recognition of cloud computing has grown,” Jin said, noting that regulations and taxes were among other issues that had kept it from releasing the hybrid platform in the country.

Azure’s price competitiveness, and that it can be accessed by a wide variety of users such as conglomerates, entrepreneurs and start-ups are some of the key factors that differentiate its cloud computing platform from the company’s peers, he added.

Users can access Windows Azure via the Internet, and select among a list of options according to their business needs. Connected to MS’ self-constructed eight worldwide database centers, including in Singapore and Hong Kong, whose total size is equivalent to 10 football fields, its Azure operating system is secured and free from possible traffic or information overload.

The hybrid platform, with capacities of IaaS (infrastructure as a service) and PaaS (platform as a service) that support other open-source applications and systems such as .NET and Java, vies to change the way businesses conduct their operations.

“Cloud computing is not about technology ― it is about transforming the way we do our business,” said Kim Kyoung-yoon, director of MS’ marketing and operations.

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