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LG Display opens new R&D center in Paju

April 17, 2012 - 18:18 By Shin Hyon-hee
CEO vows to turn Paju R&D into high-tech display mecca

LG Display announced Tuesday that it opened a research and development center which would focus on developing next-generation display panels, including the organic light-emitting diode displays, in Paju, Gyeonggi Province.

Built on 68,572 square meters of land, the 15-story building will bring together researchers and developers as well as those involved in OLED projects for better performance, according to company officials.

According to an LGD executive, the firm’s R&D workforce was widespread across the country in the past, indicating that the new center in Paju will be the first fully activated one to serve as the brain for next-generation displays.
LG Display’s new research and development center in Paju, Gyeonggi Province. (LGD)

“It’s a pleasure to open up a new R&D space for the talented workers of the display industry, where they could work on projects with their passion,” said its chief executive Han Sang-beom. “We’re planning to lead the next-generation display market by transforming our Paju R&D plant into a mecca of high-tech display technologies such as OLED, e-paper and ultra-high resolution AH-IPS displays.”

About 2,500 workers are expected to complete their relocation to Paju by May.

The new center will be equipped with a testing area called the clean room and an experiment hall for technology establishment and development as well as performance and production tests, LGD officials said. Bringing such systems into a single location is projected to reduce the number of working hours.

Along with the working spaces, the center will also include a creative room for brainstorming, fitness center, fun zone with an arcade, resting area for women, sleeping room and a cafeteria, according to company officials.

“On top of the center playing the role of strengthening the R&D workforce, it will unite the research units under the chief technology officer in many different areas, development groups within the firm’s headquarters as well as the OLED project groups for increased synergy,” its officials said.

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