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Main opposition party unveils proportional candidates

March 22, 2012 - 14:13 By

The main opposition Democratic United Party on Tuesday announced the list of its proportional representation candidates for next month’s parliamentary elections with its chairwoman Han Myeong-sook given the 15th spot in the 40-member line-up.

Topping the list was Jeon Soon-ok, a women’s rights activist and the younger sister of Jeon Tae-il, who burned himself to death in 1970 in protest of brutal working conditions at a sewing factory. She currently heads the Social Programme for Action and Research in Korea.

Choi Dong-ik, co-president of the Korea Differently Abled Federation, came next, followed by Eun Soo-mi, a research fellow at the Korea Labor Institute.

The fourth slot went to Hong Jong-hak, a Kyungwon University professor and a vocal chaebol critic who has been spearheading the liberal party’s committee on economic democratization.

Party leader Han Myeong-sook took the 15th place in the list.

Other candidates include poet Do Jong-hwan in the 16th spot and Lim Soo-kyung, a Hankuk University of Foreign Studies lecturer who participated in the 1989 World Festival of Youth and Students in Pyongyang as a college student.

Of the 300 seats up for grabs, 54 will be allotted to parties based on the numbers of votes they receive on April 11. The higher candidates are ranked, the greater their winning chances are.

Earlier in the day, the ruling Saenuri Party unveiled the list of its 46 proportional candidates with leader Park Geun-hye taking the 11th place.

Candidates are scheduled to register themselves to the National Election Commission between Thursday and Friday.

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