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Grand Hilton presents chocolate buffet

March 9, 2012 - 19:05 By Korea Herald
The Buffet Restaurant at the Grand Hilton Seoul in Hongeun-dong, central Seoul, is preparing a feast of sweet, luxurious chocolate for a month-long celebration of indulgence. It features an array of 10 chocolaty treats including chocolate brownies, black forest cake, chocolate fudge and chocolate cheese cake laid out at the luxurious dessert corner. One can enjoy different dishes featuring milk, white and dark chocolate, as well as special chocolate-themed dishes at the live corner, including salads seasoned with milk chocolate, a Parma ham and tomato dish with soft white chocolate, and the deepness of dark chocolate combined in an excellent Mexican chicken stew. Lunch is priced at 55,000 won and dinner at 65,000 won, inclusive of tax and service charges. For more information or reservations, call (02) 2287-8271.